Frequently Asked Questions

You can find frequently asked questions about Nivogo on this page.
1What Does Nivogo Do?
At Nivogo, we believe that every product produced has value and that this value does not disappear just because it is not used for any reason. With this purpose in mind, we collect products from our partner brands and individual users that we can bring back to life and include in the circular economy by connecting them with new users. In Türkiye's first and largest Renewal Center, we renew these items through a six-step process, extending their lifespan, and thus saving millions of fashion items and billions of liters of water. You can also bring back to life the items in your closet that you no longer need and start your circular experience with Nivogo. To become one of our circular transformation brand partners, you can send us your request through our contact page😊
2Can you detail the renewal process? What procedures are applied to the products?
In the first stage, we collect products from partner brands or individual users that we can bring back to life. Our expert operators then assign a NivoCode to these products, containing their details and renewal needs. Based on these needs, we process the items through cobbing, tailoring, and ironing stations. Every renewed item is also washed and disinfected in our Cleaning station. At the end of the renewal stages, we ensure that the products meet our quality standards. After carefully inspecting the final condition of the products, we use AI-based pricing technology to set prices for the items, which are then made available to new users through Nivogo stores and the e-commerce channel. For more detailed information about our renewal stages, you can visit our "what we do" page.
3Are all the products you sell second-hand?
No, we don't only sell second-hand products. In addition to collecting unused items from individual users' closets, we also acquire brand-new items that brands have not offered for sale for various reasons, thus unused. We then bring these items back to life.
4How do you determine the selling prices of the products that have completed the renewal process?
We use an AI-based pricing technology that processes information such as the original condition of the product, the processes it went through during renewal, its final condition, quality control score, year, season, etc. This ensures that the pricing is personalized and fair for each product.
5Do you accept old-season products?
Certainly! Every product is valuable to us. You can send us old-season products that you want to bring back to life for renewal.
6How can I deliver the products I want to bring back to life to you?
You can bring the products to any Nivogo store at your convenience.
7Can you renew all products?
No product that comes to Nivogo becomes waste. We can renew the vast majority of products, preserving their original design and form while bringing them back to life. For items that cannot be renewed, we first consider the upcycling process, and as a last resort, we include them in the recycling process. This way, without generating any waste, we ensure that all products brought to Nivogo for revival are reintegrated into the circular economy.
8What do I need to do to become your circular transformation brand partner?
We're delighted to hear that! Without any upfront investment, you can become our circular transformation brand partner and strengthen the circular transformation movement together. You can submit your request via our contact page.
9Can I return my product?
At Nivogo, we've designed our return process in compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers. Therefore, instead of returns, we offer an exchange option for products returned to us within 15 days, provided there is no damage due to usage. However, if a return is requested due to a problem unrelated to usage that impedes usability, the product is accepted by our store, examined by our quality team, and if a problem unrelated to usage is detected, you will be informed of the return decision. Our goal in the return process is to protect our resources without burdening our planet and to leave a green world for future generations. Because allowing unlimited returns for unjustifiable reasons would mean subjecting the product to further processing, resulting in more water waste and carbon emissions worldwide.
10 What should I pay attention to during the product exchange process?
The exchange process is quite simple! As long as it doesn't exceed 15 days, you can visit the store where you purchased the product and deliver the item with its label intact and without any damage caused by usage, along with the receipt or invoice. Then, you can exchange your product for another item!