Nivogo is changing entire fashion industry!

We are Nivogo, a pioneer re-commerce start-up aims to revolutionize entire linear ecosystem. We believe that wasting of 85 billion of apparel every year is unacceptable. Hence, we are here to save thousands of apparels every day in Turkey’s first re-commerce center in fashion industry powered by circular & sustainable fashion and cutting-edge technology.

Gen-Nivo is a long-term internship program for students and aims to provide hands-on experience in the pioneering circular economy start-up.

If you are;
• University & master student
• Able to work part-time or full-time
• Curious and eager to learn & try new things especially about sustainability & circular economy
• Passionate to make the world a better place
• Sustainability obsessed, enterprising mindset and forward thinker
• Digital savyy & action oriented
• Confident & willing to deal with problems rather than giving up or complaining

We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing ideas to save our planet.